Ross Island Brewing is home to delicious Northwest influenced English ales and lagers. Quality ingredients and deep appreciation for craftsmanship characterize our beers.

Come relax and sip a pint with us at our brewery in the historic Brooklyn neighborhood just off the Ross Island Bridge. Our beers are on tap at some of the finest establishments around Portland.

The Beard behind the Beer:

Carston Haney grew up on his family's organic farm in small town Millheim, Pennsylvania, where he did not discover the joy of indoor plumbing until he was eight years old. As a kid he wandered the forest, fished with his grandfather and helped his folks at the local farmers market.  He brought his love of the great outdoors to New York where he received his BA in Environmental and Forest Biology. As with all good college students, this is also where he began experimenting with fermentation.


Carston Haney began brewing professionally at Elk Creek Cafe, where he apprenticed with good friend and mentor Tim Yarrington.  Tim, helped shape Carston’s style of well balanced English style ales. Drawn to the mecca of Portland beer scene, Carston headed west, where he spent six years as Head Brewer at Alameda crafting award- winning beers.

Carston infuses Ross Island Brewing with his passion for delicious beer, quality craftsmanship, and the outdoors. He looks forward to pulling up a chair and sharing a pint.