Message from Ross Island Brewing


Beer is usually regarded as the world’s most sophisticated fermented beverage. Its flavour, colour, mouthfeel, and strength can all vary more than any other craft beverage. Beer uses a broader range of ingredients, resulting in complexities that distilled spirits, wine, cider, mead, and other beverages cannot match. The level of precision required in its development is substantially higher. All of this leads us to the reason WE APPRECIATE BEER. It is both an artistic expression and a measure of scientific prowess. Mastering both is a success unlike any other. With that, let’s begin to know the principles of beer making!


The estate


Ross Island Brewing made a step toward excellence in their beer programme in February 2018 by launching its second facility, the ROSS ISLAND BREWING DEPOT: BARRELS & BLENDING. The Union Depot building, located just a block away from the Brewpub in Downtown Bellingham, was originally used as a public station for interurban electric streetcars and motor buses. It has now been reopened to the public as the Ross Island Brewing Depot; a place of beer discovery, community, and conversation.

The Depot also houses Ross Island Brewing’s barrel-aging and blending operations, as well as the Quality Control Laboratory and other administrative offices. This 21+ bar and event space takes their dedication to beer excellence to the next level. In addition to a selection of Ross Island Brewing beers, the Depot serves unusual beer, cider, and natural wine from outstanding producers all over the world.

Ross Island Brewing established its third site in Seattle’s Fremont district in October 2019, in an effort to continue to develop methods to build more direct encounters with their community at large. ROSS ISLAND BREWING BREWING SEATTLE is an outpost for all of their speciality and limited-edition beers, which Seattleites simply do not have access to.

The Ross Island Brewing team employed sustainable materials to construct out this taproom, like they did for the first two locations. The old-growth Douglas Fir wood that lines the bar, tables, and seats was salvaged from the roof of a 1900s Whatcom County barn. The steel used to manufacture the table bases and bench bases came from ancient Seattle buildings that were demolished. Connor McPherson, a local artist, conceived and sketched the murals that line the walls of our taproom, providing a unique and friendly atmosphere.

Ross Island Brewing has a bright future ahead of it, and we are delighted to take the next steps alongside you!