Jensen Ackles, co-star of the science-fiction television show Supernatural, will open Family Business Beer Co., his and his family’s new Texas brewery, on January 10 in Dripping Springs.

The name refers to the group of persons that own and operate the 15-acre brewery at 19510 Hamilton Pool Road. Danneel Ackles, her brother Gino Graul, and their parents Ed and Debby Graul are all involved.

The Ackles, who live in Austin, are avid beer fans. Jensen stated, “I enjoy the variety that’s here.” “Cookie-cutter brewers aren’t the only ones. It adds to Austin’s variety of experiences.

Jensen continued, “Everything has its own flair, but I don’t feel like there’s any competition.” We’re all on the same team. It’s ‘welcome to the table,’ as long as there’s quality.”

Jensen and Gino regularly made their own beers at home when living in California. The family relocated to Austin and wanted to create their own restaurant. They discovered the Dripping Springs property in 2014, connected with current head brewer Nate Seale, and set to work.
Seale, who previously served as the lead brewer at (512) Brewing Company in Austin, views Family as a “destination brewery.”

“We want to create the kinds of beers we want to drink every day,” Seale added. “We’re trying to make beers that are approachable and appealing to a wide range of individuals, but we’re not trying to dumb things down for consumers.” “Do what you like to do, and you’ll find an audience,” he continued.

That means a wide range of beers, including IPAs (both permanent and rotational), sour ales, brown ales, barrel-aged brews, rye lagers, and more. Barrels from Texas whiskey company Garrison Brothers will be used in the barrel-aged beers. The Hamilton Pale Ale, according to Seale, will become the brewery’s hallmark beer. The whole beer lineup is listed below.

“We came in at the perfect time,” Gino explained, “where there’s been this explosion of creativity and new people are coming up with intriguing new brews.” He teased potential collaborations with friends and other breweries.

For the time being, Family’s beers are exclusively available at the taproom, though there are plans to offer canning and specialty bottling in the future.

Seale decided to return to Austin because of the city’s beer community after working in Portland’s beer scene (particularly at Mt. Tabor). “Texas came up a little later,” Seale explained. “Texas has never been considered a great brewing capital, but it has been underestimated.”

“What that’s created is a really hungry scene,” Seale explained, “where people are working incredibly hard and making some of the best beers out there.” The opportunity to do so came in the form of a family business.

“We want people to come not just for the beer, but also for the experience,” Jensen added.

The sleek wood bar at Family’s indoor taproom was designed by craftsman Adam Young and his company Old Crow Custom Works. A Los Angeles artist, Kenton Parker, painted an abstract painting on the opposite end of the room, which is flanked by a platform for live music performances.

There’s a view of the actual brewery through the window (yes, tours will be held). There are currently five fermentation tanks, three of which are 30-barrel and two of which are 15-barrel. Family also offers non-alcoholic drinks and local wines as alternatives to beer.

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